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About our Centre

Cryosurgery being used for Morton's neuroma

Foot analysis is often used to establish why a foot condition has developed

One of our advanced 3d cameras used to diagnose foot pathology

Established in 1991 The London Podiatry Centre is one of the most advanced podiatric centres anywhere in the world today. Few if any, standalone podiatric facilities are able to provide the different diagnostic and treatment modalities offered at the Centre. These range from advanced 3 dimensional gait analysis to high resolution diagnostic scanning and an extensive range of surgical procedures in its dedicated, CQC registered operating theatre. The Centre has offered a comprehensive range of surgical procedures, and has used various forms of cryotherapy for more than 20 years.

Ron McCulloch, the Centre's lead practitioner and Podiatric Surgeon continues to practise as a consultant within the NHS and private sector. He is a senior lecturer in diagnostic ultrasound, an essential skill in cryosurgery and mentors junior podiatric surgeons. Mr McCulloch was one of the lead Consultant Podiatric Surgeons at the UK Olympics and continues provide podiatric care for a number of premiership football teams and other elite sporting organisations. He has consulted for Nike International and lectures extensively both nationally and internationally.

Mr McCulloch has a specialist interest in cryosurgery and has lectured on the subject having received his initial training from Professor Wishnie in the United States. He remains in communication with other experts in cryosurgery around the world and continues to develop this exciting area of medicine.