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Other procedures

Nerve conditions and entrapments of the foot and ankle

Cryosurgery works by desensitising nerves. As such, it can be used for most nerve injuries in the foot. Patients sometimes present at the centre with nerve damage following injury or surgery. Such nerve injuries can be extremely distressing. Cryosurgery offers such patients real hope and can result in a dramatic improvement in quality of life.

Complex heel pain

Many patients attend our centre with heel pain and about 10% of the general population suffer from heel pain at some point in their life. Usually the condition is due to plantar fasciitis (more correctly called plantar fasciosis) and a biomechanical treatment approach using our advanced gait facility to determine the causes is generally effective. In some cases we will use shockwave and other modalities and cryosurgery would not be a first line treatment approach However, some patients do not respond to the more well established treatments for heel pain and can end up with distressing chronic pain which seems to defy all attempts at management. Here cryosurgery can offer a genuine alternative and the centre is happy to consider such chronic heel pain patients for cryosurgery.

Plantar fibroma and lumps and bumps

Cryosurgery has long been used to treat cancers of the body by destroying the abnormal tissue. The London Podiatry Centre does not treat cancerous conditions of the foot and these are referred to other specialist centres. However, benign lumps such as plantar fibroma can be treated and the centre would be happy to provide further information for patients who wish to consider this.