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Are there any risks with cryosurgery?

To date (August 2014) in hundreds of cryosurgery procedures, we have seen no significant complications.

For specific information about Morton's neuroma, see the Morton's neuroma page.

Despite being a minimally invasive low risk procedure, cryosurgery is nevertheless a minor surgical procedure and as such is not risk free. For comprehensive information on podiatric surgery in general you can access our Podiatric Foot surgery information booklet. This booklet as well as covering the nature and possible complications from podiatric surgery also discusses training and qualifications. The centre will also send you an information pack if you decide to book an appointment.

The London Podiatry Centre has performed hundreds of cryosurgery procedures and has yet to record a single significant complication such as infection or thrombosis at time of writing (August 2014).

Whenever possible conservative care should be undertaken before consideration is given to an operation. This should be based on a detailed understanding as to why your condition has occurred. Often the cause is biomechanical and associated with an abnormality in the way the foot functions mechanically during walking. The London Podiatry Centre has one of the most advanced podiatric gait (walking) analysis laboratories in the world to diagnose your problem. This approach may avoid the need for surgery.

Often patients attend having received conservative care (such as physiotherapy, changing their shoes, insoles and wedges for the toes) and in these cases cryosurgery may well be offered as the next logical step.