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"With an incision of little more than 2-3 mm, a rapid recovery time and ability to return to work within 24 hours, the London Podiatry Centre now rarely performs open surgery for Morton's neuroma."

One of the probes used for performing cryosurgery. The actual probe is the 2-3mm in diameter. Different probes are used for different applications.

Morton's neuroma

The success of cryosurgery is comparable with surgical excision but with far less risk of complication.

Most patients can return to work 24 hours after surgery.

Research shows that about 70 percent of patients complain of permanent toe numbness after open surgery. Whilst temporary numbness is sometimes encountered with cryosurgery, long term permanent numbness is rarely seen.

In over 200 cryosurgery procedures the Centre has to date (August 2014) seen no significant complication from this procedure! No documented case of stump neuroma!