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Morton's neuroma - benefits and risks of cryosurgery

The benefits are clear in that this small, minimally invasive procedure requires a brief period of post-operative rest, avoiding the additional risks and much longer recovery of more invasive procedures.

The risks of cryosurgery and podiatric surgery in general, whilst small, are covered in our foot surgery booklet which also describes podiatric surgery qualifications and training.

To date (August 2014) no patient who has undergone cryosurgery at the London Podiatry Centre has undergone a significant complication. Risks include infection, recurrence, regression, thrombosis, chronic pain and scarring.

Where the procedure has been successful, patients are generally happy to provide feedback by e-mail or phone and may not need to be seen again. Where the procedure has been successful but with some remaining discomfort a further treatment may be offered, but only after 3 months have elapsed.

If a patient fails to respond to cryosurgery, then open surgery may be offered.